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Ace Group Modular


Ace Group Modular are a company within the Ace Group which also includes Ace Containers and Northern Containers [Norcon[. As you may have guessed by now they specialise in shipping / storage containers. Based in Leeds, Ace Group are the largest shipping container company in the north of England.

The Ace Group Modular part of this concern is a fairly recent edition and fills the gap of affordable modular units. All the projects are bespoke to suit the clients needs whether it is an extra classroom, offices, sports amenities. Whatever the need the modular units are  designed and kitted out appropriately.


Ace Group required branding, a website and an animated online promo. They approached row1graphics to do the work. The emphasis was on the how you could bring individual units together to create whatever needs the customer requested. [Although this work is on-going at the moment I thought it was worth a sneak preview].

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row1graphics ace group
row1graphics ace group

                               Animated short with music by row1graphics ‘A Building in a Day’.