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Aquamoods are part of the Windsor Bathroom Group. They noticed that no one in their particular industry were offering ‘high quality at low prices’ goods. They sourced and selected products that would suit this gap in the market increasing sales and keeping them one step ahead of the competition.


Aquamoods approached row1graphics for an Aquamoods catalogue of their selected range. The finished catalogue ended up running at twenty four pages. A clean, direct and visually simple design was called for as the range carried many multiples and variations with regards to groups of products ie. Ceramics, Tap Collection, Bath Enclosures etc.

Layout was the key here. Liaising with the client a design was approved and the catalogue completed. This then gave Aquamoods something for potential customers to browse also making it a useful tool for the sales staff.

Aquamoods being a new company also needed branding which row1graphics supplied.

If you would like a new catalogue or are thinking of refreshing your existing contact:

Aquamoods Catalogue
Aquamoods Catalogue
Aquamoods Catalogue

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