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Leeds United Advertising

Leeds United

Finally I have some artwork at Elland Road the home of Leeds United

I have supported Leeds United [for my sins] both as man and boy for many years now. During this time the team has given me many highs and lows as any football team should.

As we speak Leeds are on a high, top of the championship but only just. This is when your average football supporter turns into a human calculator… how many games are left? how many points do we need to get promoted? how many points do the other teams have? Then of course we enter into the world of who do we play next? are we at home? and crucially what time is kick off?

This last point is critical these days. Years ago when twenty two grown men kicked a leather ball and lumps out of each other, kick off for everyone was three o’clock on a Saturday with all the days results in The Green Post you bought on the way out of the ground [I never figured out how they did that.] but then the money rolled in and now matches can be scheduled all over the place. Even the FA Cup Final has been on a Monday!

But you stick with it. You can’t help yourself. It’s in your DNA. You start inflicting this religion on other people, my son being a case in point who is now indoctrinating his son and so it goes on.

Meanwhile back at the drawing board ‘Ace Group’, a regular client of row1graphics asked for some new branding last year. Since then as part of their marketing, Ace Group have become sponsors of Leeds United. This included pitch side banner and LUFC TV advertising… and lo and behold it came to pass that row1graphics arrived at Elland Road.

You can read the full report from Ace Group in their recent monthly newsletter designed by row1graphics here: Eleven Sports Media Press Release