Company: Phoenix Flies

Location: South Yorkshire


Phoenix Flies are a wholesaler of premium fly fishing flies. To give the range an added boost they felt an animated short was needed to make their presence felt. The promo needed impact. This was then uploaded onto Vimeo (contains audio) row1graphics also designed the Phoenix Flies branding.

The Phoenix Fly range can be seen on the Simply Flies website

Phoenix Flies Photography

Phoenix Flies asked row1graphics if they would photograph their fly range… 800+ shots later and counting, the job is ongoing. Below is a small example, the tip of the iceberg you may say (hover over images to zoom).

Daddy RWS Flash Harry

Czech Nymph Red/Cream

Badger Nymph Variant

Ethafoam Corixa

Cruncher Red JC

Pennel Nymph Orange