A couple of years ago we decided to decorate our living room… stick with me on this… which meant taking our CD shelves down and storing our beloved CD’s. They ended up all over the place in various boxes.

Over the coming months they came slowly drifting back usually one at a time when the need arose. It was a situation that could not continue and eventually had to be all or nothing. So it was a case of “Right that’s it, now we need all our CD’s in one place together as a collection, as one, the way things should be” so some new CD shelves were purchased.

Now I’m getting excited…

… all our CD’s were collected from where they were deposited and I decided that they would need alphbe… alphferber… putting in alphabetical order. Then I was struck by a  completely brilliant idea. The best time to do this would be on the Saturday afternoon whilst listening to to the live football commentary on the wireless… multitasking at it’s peak I think you’ll agree.

Doing this I entered into another world. The world of ‘CD’s I’d Forgotten About’… Refunk by Kelvynator was a case in point:

Kelvyn Bell / Lead Vocal Guitar Keyboard

Eric Person / Saxophones Keyboard Backing Vocals

Rev. Bruce Johnson / Bass Backing Vocals

Alfredo (Fred) Alias Drums Lead Vocals on ‘So Low’ Co-Lead Vocals on Refunkanation

Kevin Bents / Keyboard on ‘Real Thing’

… this was another world that I was glad to rediscover.

Here is the first track ‘Refunkanation’: